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Friday, September 7, 2012

Thoughts on The DNC, The Election, and 51 Million souls...

Sitting here pondering the fate of our country...and of humanity. I'm broken...
Somewhere in the 51 MILLION babies slaughtered in the name of convenience, "choice" and "reproductive rights" since 1973 was probably the scientists who would cure cancer. Maybe our first woman President. Of the blood crying out for justice is the voice of another Bruce Springsteen or Rich Mullins or Keith Green or move and inspire my soul. 
There was a Brennan Manning, a Flannery O'Connor, a Victor Hugo and a Chaim Potok. There was the next man God wanted to raise up to take Billy Graham's mantle...and there was that man's bride. There was a Mantle and Mays, a Dr. J and a Moses Malone, another Gale Sayers and Johnny Unitas. There was a Pat Summit and a Mary Lou Retton. A Bernie Parent and a Wayne Gretzky. Somewhere amongst those millions of white crosses planted on church yards each January is the next Tozer who would hold me in awe with truth about God's character, the next C.S. Lewis to make God accessible in essay and fiction. The next Ravenhill and Falwell to cry out for a revival of soul in this land. Somewhere at the altar of Choice and Body lay the sacrificed carcass of the next Neil Armstrong, the next Ronald Reagan and John Kennedy. In the cry of the blood is the cry of this world because the inventor of a system for cleaner water to help millions never got his chance. A great philanthropist or a great philosopher never touched the lives he was intended to touch. Someones wife, husband and best friend was laid waste before ever taking a breath. Maybe it was MY best friend...or my daughter's. Maybe a man whom would have swept her off her feet, met with my approval and carried on a tradition of Godly living is calling out from the grave "Where is my justice!?" 
Somewhere in the voice of the murdered is the voice of the next Martin Luther King Jr. who would inspire us further and bring us closer. Another "Rudy" another Vince Papale, another Oscar Pastorius to overcome long odds and show us all what we can be if we just keep trying. The next Zig Ziglar, the next Frank Sinatra, the next Van Goghe.
In 51 MILLION voices and souls lay greatness. Each one was "knit together in my mothers womb" by the hand of God Himself. Each one was marked by a star in the sky and part of God's great plan for the ages. And each one was crushed by the force of selfishness, and the sin of bloodlust.
And now there is within our land a party who EMBRACES this culture. In fact they wish to EXPAND it. Read back over this and consider what is missing from your world that you may never know because of this country's embrace of death and devaluation of life.
And more than any...ANY other issue this November let that thought sway your vote.
God forgive us and God help us all.

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