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Monday, January 16, 2012

And Down the Stretch they Come...(My Last post about graduation until Graduation)

My final semester as an undergrad began today. On May 12 I will put on my cap and gown, and walk across that stage at Williams stadium and get the degree that eluded me for more than half my life. I will finally be more than an alumni of L.U...I will be a graduate. I wish I had done it sooner. But I did it nonetheless. I plan on writing something in tribute to Harry Kalas on my mortar board. I will smile and wave at my daughter and at some people who love me and who are making the journey to Lynchburg to see me walk.
And at some point before the weekend is over, I'll pay a visit to Dr. Falwell's grave site. I'm thinking a picture of me standing there is a bit macabre. So I plan on doing two things. One...I'll make a pencil relief of the plaque by his headstone that reads "A Man is measured not by what it takes to knock him down, but by what it takes to keep him down"  and then I think I'll quietly whisper  "Thank you Doc". Because without this wonderful man of incredible faith and vision, I might still be homeless and hopeless.
Then I will ask God where my Liberty Mountain is. Where will Doc's legacy lead me?
...and I'll listen for the quiet answer.

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