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Friday, January 13, 2012

A little note about Tim Tebow...

Okay let me say right up front that I LOVE the guy. he is a truly godly, wonderful kid who lives it like few others. But I have been in the presence of an even greater man of faith and had this thought tonight...
"If bowing in the end zone and giving God praise after winning a football game is Tebowing, what do you call having amazing vision, uncharted faith that started a world-changing, life changing school, homes for unwed teenaged moms to have their baby AND get an education (for free) homes for alcohol and chemical dependent adults to find help, a TV program that reaches the world, a ministry that does every single thing it does as good as, or better than anyone else has done it, and a church that has affected its community so greatly that one in three people in the entire CITY attend? "Falwelling"!"

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