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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Priorities...You have to be thankful. (Fifth in a series)

32,000 souls experienced Jesus Christ as a result of one man's passionate, direct conversations with them. That much we know. What I've been trying to flesh out in this series is the how and the why of what drove Art DeMoss to manage this amazing feat while running successful businesses and raising a healthy family.
This morning another motive occurred to me.  Thankfulness.
Do you and I truly appreciate what Jesus accomplished for us on the cross? Do we even spend time thinking about it...about the entire content of the plan of salvation? Have we given enough time to ponder our fate had it not been for Jesus reaching us...undoubtedly through the words or deeds of someone else? And I'm not limiting this consideration to simply the eternal fate of our souls. What about our lives since that day? What did He really save us from? Who were we before that head-on collision?
For the past three weeks I have been reading through the Gospels. It's the first daily, devotional reading I have been able to do since graduation. The first time I've read without it being part of a class in over 3 years. I chose the Gospels because I needed to refresh my relationship with Jesus as He lived among us. I am daily moved by His compassion...His humanity...His willingness to feel the things that hurt us deeply and let those hurts move Him to the obedience of the Cross. He died to save us, from the curse of the law and from the pain of humanity.  Do we appreciate this?
Are we thankful enough to want to share this with others? Do we remember the whole of that from which He saved us? We cannot repay the debt but we can share the gift. And we will if we truly appreciate it.
A thankful heart will drive a man to do the work it takes to win thousands to Jesus...or only one. It's not the number that makes us obedient. It's simply being obedient. Be thankful for what Jesus did for you. Say "Thank You" by doing the only thing He asked...tell someone else.

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