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Monday, June 3, 2013

Hope deferred...

The Bible says Hope deferred makes the heart sick.
The Bible is never wrong.
Three weeks ago I went to East Nashville to meet a guy who had a weeks worth of work for me. (That's how he described it. For me it was probably 3 days...maybe 4) He was two hours late showing up. Probably should have known right there that this was trouble.
But I needed the work and I was trying to send my daughter to Youth group camp with her church. She is such a great kid and she loves Jesus and that's the sort of thing you try to promote and encourage. So this job was perfect timing. So it seemed.
The guy was late, as I said. It became obvious that he doesn't know what he's doing rehabbing a 150 year old mansion. He's an IT guy. He had some ideas. I had some much better ones and shared them and he loved them. He agreed on my rate and we set a starting date. Two days away at the time.
I am too weary to recount the whole thing but suffice it to say...the job never actually materialized. Week one, he was trying to find materials. Week two he was negotiating with the owner (it's an owner occupied deal for him) and the owner wants doors more in keeping with the original architecture. We were all set to get rolling on Memorial day. Friday...then Saturday...then Sunday came and he never called me. I called him. No answer. I called him answer. same thing on Wednesday. Friday I finally left him a nasty voice mail. Sunday night he called me back and I ignored the call. He has nothing to say to me now. He left a message and I erased it without listening. This is the third time in two weeks people have done this sort of thing. I'm guessing they ran into someone cheaper, because my work is superior.
Each time, I had a little hope. Each time...hope disappeared.
Back home people never do this stuff. Never.
This isn't my usual prose or beautiful flowing writing. It's just a vent. Because I need to vent when I am losing hope.

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