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Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Night Before Christmas (Homeless Daddy Version)

      This just sort of "happened" this morning. Sometimes this road is harder than others. Today is one of the hardest so far.                                           

                                                             The Night Before Christmas
                                                             (Homeless Daddy Version)

‘Twas three weeks before Christmas
And I’m down on my luck
I’m a poor, homeless, Daddy
Who lives in his truck

My sleeping bags zippered
Against the night air
Determined to make it
And stay off Welfare

By day I went working
With my belt full of tools
At night I did study
And I finished school

I busted my butt
And got that degree
But there still are no jobs
At least none for me

I make money for gas
And for food now and then
And to shower at the gym
So I don’t offend

But I can’t find a job
That would pay me enough
To rent a place for me
And the daughter I love

She lives with her mom
So at least she’s alright
But I miss her and think of her
All day and all night

She misses her Daddy
And I miss my girl
And I’ve tried everything
I can try in this world

I have to keep trying
And build a life we can live
Maybe some presents
On Christmas to give

My daughter she needs me
To try yet again
And prove that her daddy
Still knows how to win

When this is all over
On that wonderful day
She’ll remember her daddy
Loved her enough to stay

He loved her enough
To stay in this place
So at least every day
She could see his face

And she saw in his life
In the things he did bear
That he loved her enough
To always be there

I love her too much
To give up now
But I have to admit
It is wearing me down

Sometimes I wonder
How much more can I take
Is this some grand plan
Or a cosmic mistake?

Am I cursed by the Heavens
Or just down on my luck
‘Cause it’s three weeks til Christmas

And I still live in this truck

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