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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thoughts on Christmas

Christmas can seem like a busy, chaotic, hurried, frantic, overwhelming time. Crowds at the Mall, bad parking spots, traffic jams, crazy shoppers. But believe miss that stuff when you can't do it. You miss spending two hours looking for the perfect tree. You miss the cat and the dog getting into the decorations and making a mess. You miss making silly, roundish faces in the reflections of Christmas ornaments. You miss Linus saying "Lights Please." You miss the sound of little kids singing at their Christmas and staccato and precious. You miss the wonder of your kid's "wish list" and another year's Santa Pictures. You miss the feeling of hearing your coins clank in the bottom of the Salvation Army kettle, or the sound of their band playing in the cold. The smell of pine and spices and hot chocolate. You miss knowing that underneath all of this, exists the truth of this holiday if you choose to remember it. The truth that this is still about Jesus, no matter how hard the intolerant try to remove that truth.
Treasure every second. Every hurried, frantic, crazy, second.
Because whether it's something extreme like homelessness...
...or just your kids growing up and losing touch with the wonder...
There are too few Christmas Season's in each lifetime. And you can't get them back when they go.

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