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Friday, April 27, 2012

The Homeless Graduate: My Journey to Liberty University Class of 2012...15 days to go

Well...last night I was so exhausted...that I went to bed at 9:45. Gasp! What a slacker!
I know...that's so pedestrian for me considering my recent schedule. But sleeping while doing homework is guaranteeing a bad grade so better to go to bed and get a fresh start. So this morning--without provocation--I was up at 3:20. Ready to go!
Two weeks from today I will be waking up in Lynchburg with my daughter and going about the first "Official" day of Commencement activities. There is a reception at 2 for the online students who chose to come and walk, and there are some people I want to visit with privately. At 6PM we have Baccalaureate services. Baccalaureate is the word from which we get "Bachelor's Degree" The term can be used to describe the commencement of undergrads getting their Bachelor's and it distinguishes that commencement from Graduate degrees. But it also is used to describe a church service held to honor, and ask blessing over, the graduates-to-be. Every school used to do this...Liberty still does.
This year the speaker is Luis Palau. I am more excited about him speaking at Baccalaureate than about Mitt Romney speaking the next day. (By the way...I have NO problem with Mitt speaking on campus. He isn't speaking in chapel, he's speaking at Commencement. He's not there to share his faith, he's there to talk to the graduates as a potential world leader. I am THRILLED he will be there)
Luis Palau is a legend for God. Only Billy Graham has preached to more people than Palau. He is a wonderful man of God and sitting under his message will be something I will never forget and something that will have an eternal impact on my daughter as well.
That's what makes Liberty so special. God has room...and work there. God's moving is welcome and desired. It's why I am so happy my daughter wants to attend.
Two weeks from today I'll be back on the mountain for the most important and special visit in my life.
In the midst of the desolation of the past four years, this has been the stone upon which God began the rebuilding. I can't wait to see what's next!

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