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Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Homeless Graduate...My Journey to Liberty Universoty class of 2012...9 days

This time next week I'll be waking up in Lynchburg. Morgan and I are traveling on Wednesday and spending two days enjoying the area together. I'm going to complete my final assignment in the library. It's silly but symbolic I guess. I wanted to be on campus for one final assignment.
Then we're just going to hang out. I might take my hockey gear and see if there is a pick up game at the La Haye. Morgan wants to try Snowflex. I hope to have enough money to come home with a boatload of LU swag.
Then...Friday night Baccalaureate will be something to remember. Luis Palau is an amazing man. I can't wait to hear him. Saturday...I tear-up every time I think about Saturday...about hearing my name called...about being a graduate.
This summer I will be starting a new job and a new book and a business. But I think what I want to do, and what I plan on doing, is working my way through the gospels and the book of Acts. Doing an exegesis of my own...not for a class with a deadline. It's been a long time since I've been able to study the Bible for the joy of studying the bible. In my pursuit of a degree in Religion, I got so crowded that my intimacy with the Source of my faith has suffered.
Saturday afternoon I'm going to let out a big breath. Monday morning the future begins. Hope changes everything. This degree has brought me hope.
I might not post much more before next week. It's becoming redundant. But please remember Hope. Hope is what makes today bearable. Hope gives you the power to go after your dreams.
Everything is possible with High Hopes!




Anonymous said...

I have so enjoyed your posts about Liberty Online. You have been an inspiration to me because I am enrolling in the fall to finally complete my degree, a long-time dream of mine. I hope you have an awesome graduation ceremony experience with your daughter. Congratulations! Keep your eyes on Jesus.


CraigD2599 said...

Thank you for that note. It means the world to me that I can inspire others with what I went through. I feel like that is how God is "redeeming" my situation. LUO is wonderful. The people are so nice and they really want you to succeed. You're going to do GREAT!! God bless you!